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What is Pivot Summit?

Pivot Summit is a world class event with impact. Bringing Australian and international thought leaders together to share insights on the future of digital and its impact on how we work, live and think.

Held annually in Geelong, Pivot Summit opens up a range of local, national and global opportunity for the region. It has the potential to:

  • Facilitate local and national innovation
  • Develop, and significantly drive Geelong’s digital and start-up sectors
  • Act as a catalyst for networking local digital and creative professionals with global digital and creative leaders and influencers
  • Bring international attention to the investment and lifestyle opportunities in Geelong

Pivot Summit 2016 engaged over 500 creative and digital professionals with speakers, networking and collaboration. The event trended No 1 in Australia on Twitter for six hours and attracted significant commercial sponsorship and Government funding.

Pivot Summit wants to inspire, motivate and educate its audience of digital and creative people and equip them with ideas and insights to innovate within their own organisations and generate economic and social benefits.

In 2017, Pivot Summit is developing a program of activities and events along the following themes:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Start-ups
  • Social Enterprise

Pivot Summit 2017 will be held in Geelong, Victoria on Friday 8 December, at Federal Mills Park. It expected that it will attract participation from over 800 attendees and more than 5,000 unique online streams.

A short history of the event

In 2015  A snapshot in time – of Geelong in the 1860’s – when Geelong was a bustling port and rail hub – with goods being shipped to Melbourne, Ballarat and the Western District. Geelong was known as “Pivot City”, with some businesses still containing the word Pivot today.

When brainstorming a name for the event, the Pivot Summit Inc. team thought Pivot Summit was a great way of referencing Geelong and also using a start-up-tech term.

It was a name that immediately had universal support – not only because of its heritage but because of the critical moment in a young businesses lifecycle when it either “pivots” to respond to market forces / to capture that essential niche / to seize an opportunity – or it stands still and fails.

Pivot Summit started through a unique partnership with Telstra, leveraging the support of the Telstra Australian Digital Summit in Sydney – Pivot was essentially its sister event in its inaugural year (2015). This partnership was forged after Telstra were approached with the idea that an event like theirs could also be held in a regional location such as Geelong, a tech hub in its own right.

The idea quickly gathered steam and broad community support and here we are – in year three of the event with many more years to come.

Pivot Summit was founded by Leighton Wells and Geelong based marketing strategist.

Pivot Summit was first held in 2015 as a single day event and is planned to grow into a multi-day, multi-site event incorporating digital and interactive film, music and exhibitions, entrepreneurial innovation, idea generation and creative collaboration over the years. It aims to be Australia’s answer to the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

Can I get involved and Become a sponsor?

Want to volunteer at this year’s Pivot Summit?

Do you run a business that might be able to provide services or products to Pivot?

Contact hello@pivotsummit.com.au for more information about how you can be part of Pivot Summit 2017 and beyond.

Become a sponsor

In 2015, Pivot’s inaugural year – attendees were universally positive about attending the event with 98% of attendees saying they would attend the following year. More than the satisfaction level however, the event provided sponsors with significant social media reach, trending No.2 on Twitter in Australia for 6hrs. A great result for a first year regional event.

Pivot Summit 2016 grew beyond expectations. The event attracted 16 world-class speakers and engaged over 500 creative and digital professionals through speakers, networking and collaboration. The event generated 2,000 tweets with the hashtag #pivotsummit2016 reaching more than 7M people. Pivot Summit also event trended No.1 in Australia on Twitter for 6 hours and attracted significant commercial sponsorship and Government funding.

Download the sponsorship prospectus or contact sponsorship@pivotsummit.com.au to discuss sponsorship opportunities at this year’s event.