Pivot Exp4Work Program

Funded by the Federal Government Department of Employment

Pivot Summit has received Federal Government funding to deliver a work experience program that aims to give people a taste of jobs of the future.

While manufacturing will continue to provide a large number of employment opportunities in the Geelong region, it is important that the region redefines itself to create new economic and work opportunities.  Local tech and creative industries communities are ready and willing to give people a chance to experience work in these new economy sectors.

To support delivery of the Department of Employment funded work experiences program, Pivot Summit has contracted the Geelong Region Local Learning Employment Network promote a range of opportunities on

The goal of the Pivot work experience program is to help jobseekers open their eyes and minds to the realities of the contemporary economy and real life in businesses in the ICT and creative industries sector.

If you are interested in being involved in the Pivot EXP4Work program please contact:

Marianne Messer, Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network
E: M: 0421 112 324